Ram Navami 19th Apr 2013
“Nagpur is a place where Ramnavmi is Celebrated like No Where Else. Nagpur has high respect for such celebrations and even Go Gas (GoGas) doesn’t want to step back in offering its respect to Ramnavmi as well as to the city of Nagpur. On eve of Ramnavmi, every year Go Gas (GoGas) participates in the annual procession carried out in the city by contributing one Jhanki (A Short representation using Statues, pictures or animated Idols) on various themes and topics. This Jhanki is contributed by the Group Company Confidence Petroleum India Limited of which Go Gas India Limited is a proud subsidiary. Go Gas is into manufacturing, bottling and distribution of LPG Gas Cylinder which is fast gaining people’s acceptance in those areas where it has been launched recently.

This year the theme was Shiksha ka Suraj (Sun of Education) which has obtained a great number of reviews and adulation from media, creative people and most importantly the common people. The Jhanki was captured in lakhs of Cameras and was also presented in all the Major News Dailies.

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