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Looking for hassle free New LPG Connection ?

Why you need a private non subsidized LPG Connection? Parallel marketers ( Private Companies) are aggressively marketing to consumers and networking with a dealer network catering to larger & larger audience. Southern states like Karnataka, tamilnadu, Andhrapradesh already has witnessed private LPG revolution. Now Maharashtra,Gujrath,rajasthan, and other states are also enjoying the benefits of LPG supplied by Parallel marketers.

This LPG was mostly supplied to commercial customers as parallel marketers don’t have the subsidy advantage. With DBTL, now a new segment has emerged Non subsidized LPG cylinders, which you also can take from a parallel marketer or simply a private company selling LPG. A private companies Non subsidized LPG connection is simply convenience and an option today, before it becomes a necessity tomorrow. Just like mobile telephony, tomorrow private LPG connections will be a day to day affair. If you spend even one minute of our time searching for cylinder in your everyday life, then I would recommend you A Private Gas Connection. How to Select a Private LPG Connection? So you have decided to go for a Private LPG Connection, so how to select your parallel marketer? Will he be able to supply LPG regularly? Will it be safe? Is it approved? Do they have infrastructure? There are 4 main things to look for when you opt for a LPG connection from a Paraller Marketer. How do they get Cyinders? Do they manufacture or Buy. If they buy that means that company is dependant on some one else.

Do they have a Bottling plant near your Location? An own bottling plant is a very big advantage as far as regular supply is concerned. Uninterrupted LPG Suply, Companies having their own auto LPG station near your location have to supply LPG on daily basis as they can not keep the Auto LPG station closed even for one day. Preferred supplier needs to have own fleet of tankers so that the dependency on others is less.

How Close is your dealer? In case if the dealer is not there is company ready to supply directly? Parallel marketer like Go Gas are equipped with own cylinder manufacturing, own 52 bottling plants, and 100 auto LPG stations with own fleet of tankers. All this infrastructure dedicated to better customer service and timely delivery of the LPG cylinders to customers. There are lot of other parallel marketers offering similar services and you have a lot of options to choose from. You can always take feedback about supply & service from hotels & restaurants in your area as commercial gas connections are already available in market. That will give you a clear idea on choosing your private LPG connection operater. Competition has always meant customer benefit and its time now to benefit yourself by adapting to a Private LPG connection. GoGas elite is a leading LPG Brand in India. GoGas Offers Blast Proof LPG connections across in 22 states. Go gas is also a leading Auto LPG company with 200 auto LPG stations in India.GoGas has its own network of 58 bottling plants in India. Now you can get a blast proof LPG connections easily from your nearest Go gas Elite Dealer, you can contact book a connectionor visit nearest GoGas office. Now you can Buy your Gas connection Online also. Click on the link, Fill details and make a payment. Go gas will deliver a connection at your Home. https://www.elitegogas.com/online-lpg-connection.php

Domestic Apr 25, 2019
Sameer Muley
Deputy General Manager-CPIL
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