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Need LPG Connection ? Try Private LPG Connection for Fast service Click on the link to book your Private LPG Connection Are you aware that now you can get a new LPG connection also from Private company in your city ? Now with Parallel Marketers (Private LPG Companies) active in the market, you can avail a gas connection easily from the parallel marketer dealer available near you. Whats more, you can now order your LPG connection online, Click here to know more Well yes. There are a couple of Private LPG companies offering a nonsubsidised domestic connection in many states today. In a city like Bengaluru there are more than 10 different players in the market competing for the market share in domestic LPG and commercial LPG business segment with PSU LPG companies. India’s fastest growing LPG Brand Gogas Elite of Blastproof Composite LPG Cylinder is present in almost 22 states of India. Mr. Yatin Khara, Business Head –Packed Division Go Gas elaborated their plans for the domestic market. “ Go gas is looking forward to tapping domestic nonsubsidised LPG market in next 3 years with a clear focus to take LPG to each and every corner of India. We have a strong infrastructure of Cylinder manufacturing & bottling plants in 21 states. We have a strong network of dealers and with Non Subsidized domestic LPG connection offering we will expand our customer base to the remotest areas. Go Gas elite is a composite LPG cylinder brand of Confidence petroleum India Limited and is the only company which is making the blastproof cylinder available everywhere in India. Blast proof LPG cylinders are fairly new to Indian market and it is agreed that in coming years all the LPG cylinders in country will be changed to composite LPG cylinders due to its Blast Proof and Light weight feature. So what is a Private Non Subsidized LPG Connection? Private LPG companies are called as Parallel Marketers and they don’t have the subsidy advantage. Hence their LPG confirms to non subsidized market rates of LPG refil. Parallel marketers have different LPG Cylinder sizes than Government. Government has 14.2 kg & 19 Kg whereas Parallel Marketer has 12 kg, 15Kg, 17kg, 21kg LPG Cylinder sizes. In case of Blast proof Composite LPG cylinders, Go Gas elite is having 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg & 20 Kg are availablein Composite When you buy a Non subsidized LPG connection from a parallel Marketer, you don’t get the benefit of subsidy. But you can take the gas connection across the table by giving your papers. Tatkal availability is an unbeatable service feature of parallel marketers. Parallel marketers have reach in remote places, as they are new to the market and eager to make customers and offer new LPG connections to them.. You can always expect better service from them. You don’t have any restriction on number of connection. You don’t have any restriction on number of refills. It’s all convenience and service in case of a private LPG gas connection. LPG refill booking is just a call away to your nearest dealer or visit their office All considered, You can always opt for a LPG Connection from parallel Marketer in your city. Get a feel of the service and convenience for yourself and then refer to others. You can whatsapp to Go gas elite on: 88888 02167 and register your area. They will reply immediately if the nearest dealer is available to your location. visit to book online :www.elitegogas.com Buy Interesting Amazon Electronics/Shoes/Appearals/Mobiles here, Click now

Domestic Jun 03, 2019
Sameer Muley
Deputy General Manager-CPIL
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