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Go Gas Elite

Go Gas Elite

GoGas Elite is a Composite LPG Cylinder. This is a new age LPG Cylinder which is Light in weight, Translucent & Blast Proof in nature. A seamless composite translucent cylinder made up of polyethylene, molded inner lining, glass fibers and resin with an inner liner to create even greater strength and an outer layer makes this a perfect one to use. Energy Efficient Cylinder with Safety Measures.

New LPG Cylinders on conveyor belt in CPIL manufacturing plant
Painting New LPG Cylinders

A seamless composite translucent cylinder made up from a polyethylene, molded inner lining, glass fibers and resin with inner liner to create an even greater strength and an outer layer makes this a perfect one to use.

  • Explosion Proof Heavy duty polyethylene treated with resin & chemicals in the composite layer of cylinder assures 100% safety from explosion. Highly Safe composite material does not expand unlike metal cylinders.
  • Light Weight Light in weight (about half of weight than metal cylinders) gives convenience to move. Thus, suitable for spine health & prevent scratches to smooth flooring. Makes life easy even for elderly & people living in apartments.
  • Translucent Visibility The translucent visibility enables one to check the level of liquid gas. This not only ensures complete value for money, but also gives freedom from sudden exhaustion of Gas.
  • Elegant Design Handles for easy lifting, space for regulator fitting, attractive colour & elegant design gives aesthetic value & convenience with outer casing that suits for rough handling. Passed through stringent tests
  • Most of the density of the stations in Southern India, for the sole reason that most Governments are aware about The Environmental issues and have passed the rule making Auto rickshaw run Compulsory on Auto LPG only.
  • Hydraulic proof pressure test, Hydraulic volumetric expansion test, Cylinder burst test
  • Ambient cycle test, Vacuum test, Environmental cycle tests
  • High temperature creep test, Flow test, Drop Test
  • High velocity impact (Gunfire) test, Fire resistance test, Permeability test
  • Torque test on cylinder neck boss, Leak Test, Pneumatic cycle test
Manufacturing LPG Cylinders in CPIL Plant
New LPG Cylinders

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is typically referred to by its acronym – LPG. LPG is mixture of flammable hydrocarbon gases that include propane, butane, isobutane and mixtures of the three LPG gases. LPG is commonly used for home heating gases, cooking, hot water, and autogas – fuel for LPG cars and vehicles.

LPG gas comes from oil and gas wells, as it is a fossil fuel. LPG gas manufacturing process includes natural gas processing and the crude oil refinery process.

LPG, liquefied through pressurisation, comes from natural gas processing and oil refining.

In different countries, the LPG heating fuel gases supplied can be propane, butane or propane-butane blends.

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