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Commercial LPG

Commercial LPG

Commercial LPG Cylinders are made stronger and more dedicated pressure oriented with the view to serve best to the Commercial Market. Following are the key role players of Commercial market where LPG is used in a large quantity.

New LPG Cylinders on conveyor belt in CPIL manufacturing plant
Painting New LPG Cylinders
  • • Hotels
  • • Restaurants
  • • Hospitals
  • • Tea Kiosks
  • • Mess
  • • School
  • • College
  • • Office
  • • Canteens
  • Manufacturing LPG Cylinders in CPIL Plant
    New LPG Cylinders

    There are many users of LPG in Commercial market, GoGas has serving them with 17Kg & 21Kg LPG in Metal Cylinder and 20Kg LPG in Composite Cylinder to fulfil their LPG needs.

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