About Packed LPG Cylinders

Confidence Petroleum India Limited is a reputed BSE listed company. The group is among the largest manufacturers of LPG/CNG cylinders in India and also has a cylinder manufacturing unit in Indonesia. Our vision is to become the largest player in LPG/CNG related business by 2015. We are India’s leading private sector bottler with 51 bottling plants across 21 states with a vision to commission many more plants in near future.

“Go Gas” is the brand name of LPG supplied and marketed by Confidence Petroleum all over India. As the name signifies, you can GO to everyplace by means of GAS as fuel. Go Gas has a network of 100 auto LPG dispensing stations in 10 different states and we aim to setup 250 additional stations in the near future all over India.

At present, we are launching Go Gas LPG in 12kg, 15kg, and 17kg cylinders for domestic, commercial and industrial use across India as we are having sufficient infrastructure to provide quality service to our customers.

LPG: LPG Stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas and it’s a mixture of propane and butane gas.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an environmentally friendly inexpensive fuel. LPG is the generic name for Propane and Butane. There are hydrocarbon products produced by the oil and gas industries. Commercial Propane predominantly consists of hydrocarbons containing three carbon atoms and its chemical formula is C3H8.

Packed Cylinder: It refers to those cylinders that have been filled with designated quantity of LPG and is ready to use at home, hotel or any other commercial outfit. The process of transferring/filling a cylinder with LPG is called Bottling.

Depending upon the desired usage it can be termed as Domestic Packed Cylinder and Commercial Packed Cylinder. Although the gas inside both the cylinders remain the same but the pricing and applicable taxes change depending upon the domestic or commercial usage. Another difference in Domestic Packed Cylinder & Commercial Packed Cylinder is the color of cylinder itself with the red painted cylinder denoting domestic usage and blue painted cylinder denoting commercial usage.