Why GoGas Packed LPG Cylinders

In the wake of current government policy to limit the number of subsidized cylinders to a family and also its decision to restrict the total number of cylinder per family and based on the past experience we can expect following situations to arise or already existing in the system -

1. Large families not been able to get supply as per their requirement.
2. Undue delays due to shortage in supply.
3. Difficult situation at times of festival or during times of wedding when there is a sudden and increased need of LPG Cylinders to meet the requirement.
4. Small Commercial establishments may not be able to meet their requirements due to varying demand pattern that continues to change.
5. Difficulty in booking a cylinder refill due to connection problem or due to the distance of the booking office from home.

GoGas Packed Cylinders aims to offer a solution for all of the above problems by virtue of its position in this segment. GoGas is a brand owned by Confidence Petroleum India Ltd which is the Asia’s Largest Cylinder Manufacturer and has the largest LPG bottling capacity in India.

Currently the group is the leading supplier of cylinders and Gas filling services to all the Government companies like IOCL, BPCL, and HPCL etc. Thus, GoGas offers the promise of delivering the same standard of Quality Product (Cylinders & Gas) that you have been using for years. The promise of Quality is equally backed on its extensive capability and expertise acquired over past so many years.

Based on a robust base, we assure a hassle free gas connection to our customers. However, to help customer reach out to us we are on the lookout for capable businessmen to become our Channel Partners in this highly rewarding business of LPG Supply.

If you have the capability and desire to reach the top position in this chain of LPG Business, we invite you to fill up our enquiry form and we will get in touch with you.

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