Why GoGas ALDS

The premise of why GoGas ALDS rests on the market potential offered by the tremendous growth opportunities in the Alternative Fuel Segments.

The increasing pressure on the limited supply of conventional fuels and their ever increasing prices are forcing consumers and vehicle manufacturers to a more reliable, consistent and stable Alternative fuel system. Besides, environmental concerns and global warming are yet another factor that have put alternative fuel like ALPG in a prime spot thus imparting tremendous business potential.

GoGas is the brand name under which Confidence Petroleum India Ltd is carrying out the Purchase, storage and sale of Auto LPG by virtue of the License offered by the Chief Controller of Explosives under the Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) Rules, 1981 as amended from time to time.

In order to operate and/or erect an ALDS the ALDS Dealer needs to fulfill certain criteria based on the Statutory Requirements and Expertise and GoGas fulfills based all the required criteria based on years of its experience.


Auto LPG dispensing station (ALDS) is covered under SMPV (U) Rules, 1981 and require approval / licence from Chief Controller of Explosives (CCE). The site layout, installation details, storage vessels, fittings, dispensers, pumps etc. also require specific approval from CCE.

In addition to above, approval from local bodies etc., if any, shall be obtained.

As a Dealer appointed by GoGas, you get to operate ALDS under the guidance and operational control of the GoGas License and we ensure that all the Statutory Requirements are always met with full confirmation.

Further there are a number of records which are needed to be maintained monthly-annually as a part of such statutory requirements.

GoGas boasts of a record of being the top private company having the largest chain of ALDS Network by any Private Sector Company in India to operate more than 80 ALDS. Such a record of being the top company also brings with it the top class expertise in installation, operation, documentation and management of ALDS on Multiple Fronts resulting in higher profits for its partners and Dealers.