Is finance available for the project?

Company helps in developing Project Report required for financing from the banks. Such banks are available at your local site and financing depends upon our credibility and relations with the bank. Company shall provide Document support required for such financing.

Can I renew the license of business with the company if the current license expires?

Yes, you can renew the licenses on successful completion of the present licenses. There are no renewal charges taken from us for this renewal.

What is LPG Auto Gas ?

LPG Stands for liquefied Petroleum Gas – a. mixture of light Hydrocarbons that are Gases at normal temperature & pressure but liquefy at moderate pressure or reduced temperature LPG is used as Automotive fuel is refer to as LPG Auto Gas.

What are characteristics of Auto Gas?

1. Mixture of Propane [C3H8] & Butane [C4H10]
2. Colourless, Odourless& heavier than Air.
3. A sulphur base chemical (ETHYL Mercaptan) is added to give small to detect even a small leakage.
4. Energy content is similar to petrol & that makes if an excellent fuel for Automotive.
5. Decreases Exhaust Emissions (20% less CO2)
6. Its octane rating is between 90 to 110.
7. Its Energy contains is between 25.5 megagoulus per liter (for pure propane) & 28.7 megagoulus per liter for pure butane.
8. Using LPG will prolong engine life reduce the consumption of lubricating Oils.

How LPG is Produced?

LPG Occurs naturally in crud oil & natural Gas production fields & if also produced in Oil Refinery processes.

What are the advantages of LPG Auto Gas over other automotive fuel?

1. It is generally cheaper than other Automotive fuels like petrol/diesel.
2. LPG Powered vehicle emitt significantly fewer pollutants than petrol power equivalents.
3. LPG Powered vehicles operates more cleanly when Engine is cold. This is important for the vehicle used in city where the vehicles are used for short journeys. LPG is much more cleaner than Diesel. The dirty black smoke often found emitted from petrol driven vehicle is 90% less in LPG Auto Gas Powered vehicles.
Advantages :-
1. In LPG Driven vehicles torque is available at power engine revolutions which adds drivability particularly in stop-starts city driving.
2. LPG reduces engine wear.

What is the minimum requirement of Land for opening up an ALDS ?

City Limits 100 Feets
(or more)
100 Feets
(or more)
State Highway 115 Feets
(or more)
150 Feets
(or more)
National Highway 115 Feets
(or more)
200 Feets
(or more)

What are the important Properties of LPG ?

At normal temperature & Pressure LPG will Evaporate because of this LPG scuffled in specialized steel bottles in order to allow for thermal expansion of the contain liquid, these bottles are not filled completely, typically they are filled to between 80% to 85% of their capacity. LPG can liquefied when moderate pressure is applied this property makes LPG an ideal fuel as it can be easily condensed package, stored &utilised the liquid makes about 250 times its volume Gas & therefore large amount of energy can be stored & transported completely. The pressure at which the LPG becomes liquid is called its wapour pressure & depends on the temperature at 20°C it is 2.2 BAR. LPG is heaving than Air & thus will flaw along flours & tent to settle in lower parts such as basements this can cause ignition & suffocation Hazard if not dealt with.

What is ALDS ?

ALDS Stands for Auto LPG Dispensary Station the confidence is approved to Design, supply Errection, Installation & commissioning of ALDS the company is approved Auto LPG Installer & also an approved Auto LPG operator for Auto LPG Dispensary Station, regulated under the static & mobile pressure vessels (unfired) Rules, 1981.

Who remains the owner of the land for the time an agreement is valid?

The original owner of the land remains the owner always, there is no claim of company on the land.

What is the Global Scenario of Auto LPG Station ?

They are above 4 million vehicles in several countries supporting by 21,000 Dispensary Station-Major countries using LPG as an automotive fuel are Turkey [11 Lacs vehicle], Itley [10 Lacs], Australia [4.90 Lacs], North America 4 lacs, Netherland 3.60 lacs particularly in Japan all the taxies run on LPG & its use of LPG an Automotive fuel is highest in the World.

Can LPG be used legally as an Automotive fuel ?

The use of LPG as an Automotive fuel has become legal in Indian with effect from April 24-2000 with in the prescribed safety conditions. But using Domestic LPG Cylinder is illegal & very unsafe practice. The Auto LPG has to confirm to Indian standard specification No. IS14861 as amended by the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (regulation of use in motor vehicles) Order, 2001 & the LPG tank fitted in vehicle should confirm to IS14899 & have to be fixed permanently in a manner prescribed in Automotive Industry standard AIS025, 026 & 027 & as tobe approved by Chief Controller of Explosives under the Gas Cylinders Rules, 1981 for storage & transport of Automative LPG.

Can I market other products from this land during the agreement?

Yes you can market other products related to this business like tyres, lubricants, spares etc.

How safe is LPG in Automobiles ?

It is as safe as convential fuels There are further problems in the answers section. This section needs to be checked with them.

How much time does it take to commission and make an ALDS fully operational if the initial agreement is done between the company and the franchisee?

Once all the required licenses are obtained, it takes 60 days to install. Commission and operationalize an ALDS.

What is source of Auto LPG in India. ?

Auto LPG is imported in India at various Part such as Holdia, Vizag, Pipawa, Tuticorin, Mumbai Etc. few multinational companies in this trade have earned a very good reputation & confidence has entered into agreement with them for the long term & steady supply of LPG.

I do not have a prior experience in handling petroleum products, will I be able to enter this business?

Yes you can operate such a business based on training and expertise offered by us as a part of the agreement.

Can I change the facia or design of the ALDS?

The Facia or any other designs are part of our trademark and it cannot be changed.

Is there any refundable security deposit for the business?

There is no Security deposit taken by us.

Is the investment required in a single transaction or it can be paid in installments?

Investments can be made in installments, for more details you can fill the enquiry form available at the website.