How to Become GoGas Partner

To become a GoGas Partner you require to have a clear understanding of the business followed by the required capital and land where the ALDS shall be erected and commissioned. Also the first step to reach a successful partnership will be to contact us through a simple phone call or by filling up an enquiry form online from our website and we shall contact you for further process.

GoGas partnership can take different forms as follows

1. JODO: Joint Ownership Dealer Operated
2. LOCO: Lease Owned Company Operated.
3. COCO: Company owned Company Operated
4. DODO: Dealer Owned Dealer Operated.

While all are equal opportunity formats of partnerships, the DoDo option offers you with the most flexible and far reaching control on the business and we are currently looking for partners who have the capacity to take control of such business. More information about DoDo is presented in the next section but we encourage you to place an enquiry to us by clicking and submitting your details here. We will get in touch with you to help you make your decisions faster.